Your organization's work is critical.

My mission is to help your organization fulfill its mission.  I believe in relationship-based fundraising that fosters trust and creates change.


Do any of these apply to your organization?

  • We're not raising enough money, and we're not sure why.
  • We need to expand our pool of prospects.
  • We're not sure of the best way to ask for money.
  • Our Board wants to support fundraising but are unsure how they can help (and they don't want to do any fundraising themselves).
  •  Our organization is new to fundraising and wants a trusted go-to person to answer questions and help us get started.

If any of these apply to your organization, congratulations! Your organization is on the threshold of positive change, ready to go to the next level so that you can pursue your organization's mission faster, better, more thoughtfully, and more thoroughly.

Give me a call or send me an email. There's no charge for a chat over coffee or an initial consultation in your office to explore possibilities together.        (403) 827-8427