Do you need more prospects?


You've already engaged your Board members and other volunteers, and they've opened many doors for you.  You've approached clients, and you've mined your database of existing donors.  You realize that you need to expand your pool of prospects, but it can be very labour-intensive to sift through all the companies, foundations, and individuals to determine which ones might be most likely to be interested in your organization's cause.

Even if you have fundraising staff, why pay them to do tedious research, when you get the greatest return on investment when they're out in the community connecting with your potential donors?  (This is probably why you hired them in the first place.)

For a very cost-effective rate, my team can provide profiles of carefully selected prospects that have a good likelihood of being interested in your organization's cause.  We will consider your existing connections and look for linkages to increase the likehood of interest even more.  And we'll even provide a clear-cut recommendation for a cultivation strategy, which you can use or not use, as you see fit.

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Contact information

Chandra Ingram, CFRE

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